Alvaro Deleglise

Ph.D. Student


Psychologist, National University of Rosario, Argentina

Degree in Artificial Intelligence. Favaloro University, Argentina

Research interests:

  • Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI)
  • Learning and Memories.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Network Neuroscience.


Deleglise A, Donnelly-Kehoe PA, Yeffal A, Jacobacci F, Jovicich, J, Amaro Jr E, Armony JL, Doyon J, Della-Maggiore V. (2022). Human motor sequence learning drives transient changes in network topology and hippocampal connectivity early during memory consolidation. Cerebral cortex,

Princich, J. P., Donnelly-Kehoe, P. A., Deleglise, A., Vallejo-Azar, M. N., Pascariello, G. O., Seoane, P., Veron Do Santos, J. G., Collavini, S., Nasimbera, A. H., & Kochen, S. (2021). Diagnostic Performance of MRI Volumetry in Epilepsy Patients With Hippocampal Sclerosis Supported Through a Random Forest Automatic Classification Algorithm. Frontiers in neurology, 12, 613967.


  • Tracking the functional connectivity dynamics of the hippocampus during motor sequence learning: a high-temporal resolution analysis. Poster presentation at the SAN2022 meeting (Sociedad Argentina de Investigación en Neurociencias). Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2022.
  • Motor sequence learning rapidly drives a transient state of increased network segregation and decreased hippocampal-somatomotor interactions in resting-state connectivity. Poster presentation at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) annual meeting, 2021.
  • Identifying functional connectivity changes induced by motor sequence learning via model-based feature selection and a Random Forest classifier.  Society for the Processing and Analysis of Medical Information (SIPAIM Society) virtual Workshop in IA and Neuroscience, 2021. Available on: 
  • Detección de biomarcadores y clasificación automática de patologías a través de la aplicación de técnicas de machine learning. IX Jornadas de Investigación en Psicología (Facultad de Psicología, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina, 2020).
  • Can Artificial Intelligence Bring Out the Common Mechanisms That Affect the Quality of Life of Anxiety-depressive Patients? The First official European Congress of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment of EACLIPT (Dresden, Alemania, 2019).


Doctoral grant, CONICET 2020-2025


Statistics applied to Psychology. School of Human and Behavioral Sciences, Favaloro University (Buenos Aires, Argentina).