Agustín Solano

Postdoctoral researcher


Ph.D, University of Buenos Aires

Bioengineer, Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos

Research Interests:

  • Motor learning
  • Sleep and Memories
  • Memory consolidation


Works in Conferences:

  • Visuomotor adaptation promotes spindle clustering and fast spindle-SO coupling locally, over the contralateral motor network. Neuroscience 2021 – SfN Annual Meeting, Online, 2021
  • Local coupling between sleep spindles and slow oscillations supports consolidation of visuomotor adaptation. Neuromatch 3.0 – Neuroscience Online Conference, 2020.
    Available on:
  • Sleep Consolidation of Visuomotor Adaptation: Differential effects on Memory Retention and Persistence. Neuroscience 2019 – SfN Annual Meeting, Chicago (EE.UU), 2019
  • Visuomotor adaptation increases the number of spindles associated with slow oscillation during NREM sleep. Neuroscience 2018 – SfN Annual Meeting, San Diego (EE.UU), 2018
  • Visual feedback modulates inherent bias in a visuomotor center-out pointing task. 2nd LABMAN Meeting, Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2017
  • Different Connectivity Approaches to Examine Motor Memory Consolidation with Resting-State fMRI. II FALAN Congress, Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2016


Postdoctoral scholarship, CONICET, 2022-2025

Ph.D. scholarship, CONICET, 2019-2021

Ph.D. scholarship, PIDDEF, 2016-2018


  • “Signal and Systems” and “Medical physics”, Bioengineering, Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (Buenos Aires, Argentina)