Florencia Jacobacci

Estudiante de doctorado


Ingeniería biomédica, Universidad Favaloro


  • Neurociencia computacional
  • Imágenes cerebrales
  • Aprendizaje motor
  • Aprendizaje explícito e implícito


Jacobacci, F., Jovicich, J., Lerner, G., Amaro Jr, E., Armony, J., Doyon, J., Della-Maggiore, V. Improving spatial normalization of brain diffusion MRI to measure longitudinal changes of tissue microstructure in the cortex and white matter. JMRI (2020)

Lerner, G., Albert, S., Caffaro, P. A., Villalta, J. I., Jacobacci, F., Shadmehr, R., Della-Maggiore, V. The origins of anterograde interference in visuomotor adaptation. Cerebral Cortex (2020)

Jacobacci, F., Sapir, M., Collavini, S., Kochen, S., & Blenkmann, A. Assessing effective connectivity in epileptogenic networks. A model-based simulation approach. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (2013, Vol. 477, No. 1, p. 012037). IOP Publishing.


Beca doctoral CONICET 2015-2020

Presentaciones en congresos

Improving current normalization approaches to detect longitudinal changes in gray and white matter using DTI, 24th Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Singapur, 2018

Time course of structural plasticity induced by different types of motor learning, Neuroscience 2018 – SfN Annual Meeting, San Diego, EE.UU, 2018

Tracking the time course of structural plasticity in motor learning using DWI: skill learning vs adaptation, 25th Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Roma, Italia, 2019


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